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Since she was a child, Mrs. Tjoe Sioe Tjoe has always liked traditional Indonesian spices. Driven by curiosity and love for the distinctive flavor of spices, she founded Sinar Pagi restaurant in 1988.

The dishes served in the restaurant were delicious and rich in flavor, making the restaurants beloved by many. Due to the customers’ request, she later expanded to catering business and packaged spices. This is mainly because her customers wanted to taste Sinar Pagi cuisine in their home, without going to the restaurant. In addition to that, packaged spices also convenient to be brought abroad.

In 2006, SeleraIndo, was founded. The term “SeleraIndo” is derived from two Indonesian words, “Selera” which means “Appetite” and “Indo”, an abbreviation of Indonesia. The company specializes in manufacturing traditional herbs and spices, catering the needs of many. Its leading products include Woku, Sour Vegetables Soup, Padang Sauce, Brisket in Black Nut Sauce , and Rendang .

The distinctive flavor comes from the best materials; carefully selected traditional spices. It is then processed with state-of-the-art and hygienic food processing technology, until comes the final product: high quality packaged spices.

SeleraIndo seasoning currently has more than 30 variants of spices and sauces. They are available at nearby modern market. With SeleraIndo seasoning, traditional dishes can now be easily cooked by anyone; from housewives, college students, even Indonesians who live abroad.
In the future, SeleraIndo will keep trying to introduce Indonesian cuisine
to the international world.


  1. Providing convinience to cook a delicious meal for consumers.
  2. Providing various high-quality spices beloved by Indonesians throughout the country.
  3. To be the first choice of people who love to cook.


  1. Providing seasonings for hotels, catering, restaurants and retails.
  2. Providing sales in numerous outlets and markets.